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The Pocket Speaker

The Pocket Speaker

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Instantly Turn Any Ordinary Object Into A Speaker!

The Pocket Speaker™️ is the worlds smallest and most versatile sound transmitter that allows you to have a spectacular sound experience anytime, anywhere you choose. Place it on any surface and listen as your favorite sound floods the room!

It's Portable & Powerful

The Pocket Speaker™️ might be as small as a quarter but it delivers a powerful sound profile. It's 10x louder than an iPhone speaker and produces a breathtaking stereo sound and deep bass with its internal speakers.

Craft Your Own Unique Audio Experience

The best thing about The Pocket Speaker™️ is that it produces a different sound for each surface. On wood it makes a thick, natural sound, while glass creates a clear, resonant audioscape. Paper will sound like a vintage vinyl record. The options are endless! Simply turn it on, connect to bluetooth, and get ready for an out of this world sound experience.

Connect Two Pocket Vibes For A Surround Sound Experience!

The Pocket Speaker™️ has the ability to connect to two pocket speakers at one time to create a surround sound experience that is louder and better. The music can still be controlled from one device!
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