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The Lips Telephone

The Lips Telephone

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This beautiful telephone is both a working telephone and an absolutely fashionable household decor item.
✓ Stable Signal
✓ Longlasting and lighweight material 
✓ Excellent Sound Quality 
✓ Easy Installation 
What's Included

1 * Telephone
1 * Handle
1 * Handle Line
1 * Telephone Line
1 * English Manual


1) Unhook the telephone connection. 

2) Insert the white plug into the wall phone socket. 

3) Insert the other end of this wire into the central socket of the telephone base.

4) Connect one end of the coil curve to the socket of the receiver. Connect the other end of the coil curve to the remaining socket on the phone base.

How to make a phone call:

1) Pick up the phone and listen to the dial tone. 

2) Dial the number you wish to dial.

3) When the telephone rings, pick up the receiver. 

To end the call, hang up.

PAUSE SANS VOIR call is held for about 3 seconds.


1) Pick up the phone to listen to the dial tone and press the "dial" button. The last number you dialed will be automatically dialed again.

Pulse/tone: If your home is equipped with a key dial service, set the dial mode selector to POSITION. For quick and accurate dialing, please retain this information for future use.


Number storage function: Yes
Caller ID: No
Visual function: No

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